Love in Action = Hope Delvieries

I have the privilige of delivering our Hygiene Comfort Kit and our bath and bedroom items to a local shelter. The minute I step out of my car, the women greet me and say "thank you!" They understand now after watching our many deliveries that one of them is moving out. One of them has overcome a negative situation, pain and the past. One of them is ready to step out in faith to a new beginning. And they rejoice with me that someone cares.

The call or email from the shelter is met with joy and raised arms - knowing that Towels for Tears gets to bless the faith journey someone is taking! We provide all of the toiletries, towels, shower curtain, bath mat, bed linens, and blanket needed to give them a fresh start. Gift cards are a "sweet" touch to further help them settle in.

Our goal - to renew and restore hope in the lives of the hurting.  If you are interested in supporting this effort, please donate in-kind items or money through our secure web connection. You will help us make a difference. You will be a part of "wrapping" those in need in love!

If you know of anyone who has lost everything in a disaster or is escaping a domestic violence situation, and they are in need of basic personal hygiene items, linens and towels - call TOWELS FOR TEARS at 1 (240) 702-0756.


Special Highlight!

We would like to thank Montgomery Faith Fellowship for teaming up with us to give away hygiene products within our community! Thanks to their generous donations we were able to bless so many individuals and families in need! 


Did You Know?


Domestic violence survivors are a large percentage of the homeless population. 


There are resources in your area that are specifically designed to help domestic violence victims. Knowing where to send someone for help is critical.


You can lessen the financial burden of someone escaping domestic violence just by donating and providing essentials so that their money can go where it's needed most.


If you know someone who is being affected by domestic violence - call the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE at 1 (800) 799-SAFE (7233). There are resources to help.

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